Germani Fine Jewellery

GERMANI has been established as an Italian Brand in Australia since 1985; GERMANI became a house hold name for Fine Jewellery since the exclusive sponsorship of a national TV show Sale of the Century for 13years from 1988 to 2001.

Germani’s extensive experience in creating distinctive, cosmopolitan, unique and exquisite jewellery is evident as he was awarded the prestigious Diamond De Beers Awards, designed and manufactured fine jewellery for the Saudi Royal Family, Queen Noor of Jordan, the Duke & Duchess Of Wellington, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana and other well known international dignitaries around the world; thus gaining him international recognition.

Germani houses a huge range of quality coloured Gemstones and Loose Diamonds which are bought from Belgium, Switzerland and Far East. Customers can enjoy the luxury of purchasing directly from the wholesaler and having the jewellery made in-house. Each design is iteratively reworked until it fits the customer perfectly.

Prices are extremely competitive due to the magnitude of Germani’s operation.

Welcome to GERMANI.