GERMANI’s flagship jewellery boutique, the new George Street luxury emporium in the heart of Sydney, reflects everything one expects from a high end brand name which holds an international reputation for creative Jewellery designs with diamonds and natural colourstones.  The prominent boutique houses a unique display of exquisite precious stones and sculptured adornments – the pinnacle of luxury and rarity.


Master Jeweller Michel Germani is renowned for respecting and accentuating the essential nature and attributes of each precious stone.

Located in the main facade of the recently renovated Hilton Hotel facing the QVB, GERMANI’s exquisite interior harmonizes with the Hotel’s architectural image.  This House’s distinctive design philosophy is the pursuit of the “exceptional” – combining innovative contemporary designs with unparalleled craftsmanship.


GERMANI’s familiarity with the code of the luxury world and its values and visions are reflected in sensitivity to space, light, surface and detail – both in Jewellery creations and retail premises.

The prestige of this luxury emporium is encapsulated in the two storey’s high glass cube, the vast elevated transparent facades facing both the QVB and the Hilton lobby, unusual circular glass display cabinets and crystal bell domes, contemporary decor, majestic curtains and most importantly, superb lighting. Vast ceilings planes converge on the voluminous central display area and the more intimate desk seating and office.   The extensive transparent facades and mirrored doors effectively create an airy light-bathed space, a feeling of openness and a sense of pleasure.  This new boutique highlights GERMANI’s distinct refinement by combining elements of elegance and luxury in an apparently simple yet opulent environment.   Access is through both George Street and the Hilton lobby allowing visitors from all directions to effortlessly discovering the timeless gems within.

This venue represents a convergence of progressive design, art, commerce and exclusive hospitality – a virtual laboratory of innovation and artistry.

GERMANI’s commitment to the “exceptional” extends to its staff – for outstanding helpful advice and consultancy services.

The discerning clientele is assured of a memorable retail experience.