Retail expert advice on Diamond purchases

Retail expert advice on Diamond purchases


Most of the world’s supply of diamonds primarily originate from Africa, Canada, India, Russia and Australia, with 95% of the Fancy Coloured Diamonds arising from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. The diamond industry is dominated by De Beers accounting for approximately 90% worldwide supply. De Beers Central office in London distributes to bourses in Antwerp (Belgium), Amsterdam, New York, Israel and Mumbai.

Michel Germani has established an extensive network of suppliers (Particularly in Antwerp) and thus have direct contact with all the major diamond bourses. Hence through his widespread network of suppliers Michel Germani is able to obtain the best quality diamonds at the best price, saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple distributors in search for your perfect diamond.

An important issue when dealing with diamonds is that Diamonds with GIA certificate does not necessarily assure you gem quality. A GIA certificate does not equate to owning a gem quality diamond as its sole purpose is to state the specifications of the diamond. Due to this, the brilliance and display of light dispersion within the diamond cannot be adequately captured with just a certificate. Brightness is something only the human eye can tell. Even if the GIA certificate shows G-VS (good colour, good clarity), it does not mean it will have the right reflection and will
look dull or foggy.

Only an expert such as Michel Germani will be able to differentiate whether the diamond is of gem quality with the required light reflection, something which does not appear on the certificate. Due to this we strongly advise you not to make mistakes by purchasing diamonds online.



Purchasing diamonds (Things to look out for)

25 colour enhancedMichel Germani’s advice on purchasing diamonds:
When choosing a diamond, you need to trust your eyes to see how well it reflects the light. Otherwise, you just
have to trust the expert but we simply do not advise you to purchase it online on your own. Similar in rationale of how you would trust the doctor in treating you when you are sick, just as you should be trusting Michel Germani in choosing the ‘right’ and suitable diamond for you.

Moreover, a gem quality diamond is especially more important if it was purchased as an investment. As higher the quality of the diamond, the more rare it is, the higher the value. The value of diamonds has a strong link to the supply and demand of the diamond market.

There is always a high supply of inferior quality diamond as compared to the supply of gem quality diamond. Nevertheless, the demand is always on gem quality diamonds but there is also demand for inferior quality diamonds too. Therefore, Michel Germani advice on this is, when buying diamonds, you have to aim for gem quality which does not necessary have to be the highest grade.Classic Halo Design Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Secondly, always stay with gem quality diamond as there is no need to go for extreme high quality when buying diamonds. If you take on Michel Germani’s advice, the diamond you choose will undeniably be a good investment.



Diamonds as investment

Apart from the selection of gem quality white diamonds as mentioned above, you can also consider purchasing a fancy coloured diamond to supplement your other investments.
24 colour enhanced

Fancy coloured diamonds (such as pink or fancy yellow) appreciate rapidly due to its scarcity and rarity, as a result it makes a strong investment especially when the Australian Government allows citizens to choose pink or coloured diamonds as their superannuation funds. In the past decade, pink diamonds have become a popular addition to superannuation funds with more than 30% appreciation rate as compared to other super funds and investments.

You are welcome to contact Michel Germani for recommendations on the best quality and value of coloured diamonds. Furthermore, he can also advise you on how to manage your superannuation funds better. With guidance from Michel Germani, the diamond that you purchase will definitely be a good investment. On the contrary, if you overpay on a diamond purchase it would take you a long period of time to recuperate your purchase.

We will be discussing further on pink and fancy yellow diamonds for our next chapter.

Retail expert advice on Jewellery purchases

Retail expert advice on Jewellery purchases

Expert Advice from Michel Germani

There are important factors to look out for when purchasing any types of jewelleries. In an item of jewellery, the main value lies in the gemstones itself. The gold and the labour components and other smaller diamonds are less than 25% of the value.

For example, if you were to buy $10,000 jewellery, you would want the gemstone or diamond to have a value of $8,000 and the remaining $2,000 to be on the gold and labour. This will definitely ensure a higher investment on your jewelleries if you are intending to sell its value will increase in the future.

MGSo the question you will be asking yourself is how to guarantee you have chosen the right jewellery for future investments. The right answer to that is choosing the right jeweller to select the right gemstone or diamond for you.

Michel Germani has been helping clients on selecting the right gemstone and diamond since the early 80’s. And Michel continues to help by selecting engagement rings for the second generations of his earlier clients.




Purchasing gemstones or diamonds (Things to look out for)

Michel Germani’s advice on buying gemstones:

“Among these gemstones, diamond is the most sought-after, followed by Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and lately Tanzanite.”

1) Always buy the highest gem quality stones you can afford instead of just settling for the size. For example, you would rather buy a ½-carat gem quality stone instead of a 1-carat low quality stone.

2) For instance, always go for a 1-carat gem quality sapphire instead of a 1-carat low gem quality diamond.

3) Another example, always go for a 1-carat gem quality tanzanite instead of a 1-carat low gem quality sapphire.

And the reasons for Michel’s advice stated above are as follows. When purchasing a fine piece of jewellery, it will retain its value and increase in time, as there will always be demand in high quality jewellery. In conclusion, its value will also increase over time because there will always be a demand for gem quality stones due to its rarity. Therefore, its value will be higher in years to come.

However, if you were to purchase jewellery without a high quality or grade (inferior grade, not of the right colour and cut and with lots of inclusions), it will not be in demand and thus, it will lose its value if you are going to sell it in the future.


Firstly, we are goiBleu Ciel Blue and Pink Sapphire Diamond Dress Ringsng to discuss Sapphire. Sapphires naturally come in an extensive variety of colours such as blue, pink, yellow, orange and green. We will be focusing on Blue Sapphire in our following discussions.




Tips in choosing:

1) Hue (commonly known as colour) – One of the most important factor to look out for when buying sapphires. If you are looking for blue sapphire, look for how deep the colour is and instead of how dark or light the colour of the stones. Look for the hue in the stones and not the tonality or intensity of the colour.

2) Cut – Stone needs to be well cut to ensure its high dispersion of light, enhancing the blue sapphire’s luster and brilliance where you will be able to see life in the sapphire as the colour blue.

3) Inclusions – It is normal and common to have slight or minor inclusions in gemstones as long as these inclusions cannot be seen by the naked eye.

4) Size –The bigger the size, the higher the value of any gemstone.

5) Jewellery of gem quality – Always choose a 1ct to 2ct gem quality sapphire instead of a 3ct to 5ct lower grade sapphire.

If you are looking for an engagement ring, you could always opt for sapphire instead of a diamond, as you will be getting a larger stone for the same value. And if you are unsure or uncertain in choosing on your own, always look for a jeweller whom you can trust to choose and pick your ‘gem quality’ stones for your jewelleries. You are most welcome to contact Michel Germani on advice for which stones to select for your engagement ring according to your budget.

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