DiamondSapphireEmeraldPrecious Gemstones Princess Diana Design 16ct Natrual Royal Blue Ceylon Sapphire Ring Art Deco 15ct Aquamarine Dress Ring Art Deco Halo Design Custion Shape Natural Colombian Emerald Ring Art Deco Halo Design Natural Emerald Ring Art Deco Yellow... read more

Expert Guide on Australian South Sea Pearls

Germani Jewellery has great pleasure in presenting our beautiful selection of Australian South Sea Pearls and we look forward to sharing our knowledge, expertise and passion with you when you view our beautiful pearls. There are 5 ways of determining the value of a... read more

Germani Flagship Store Now Open

GERMANI’s flagship jewellery boutique, the new George Street luxury emporium in the heart of Sydney, reflects everything one expects from a high end brand name which holds an international reputation for creative Jewellery designs with diamonds and natural... read more

Germani Jewellery Chatswood Boutique’s Grand Opening

11 August 2016 saw a spectacular night for GERMANI JEWELLERY as it held the Grand Opening of their new Jewellery Boutique in Chatswood Chase. The event was exactly as you would have expected from a quality jewellery boutique, with exquisite champagne flowing, gourmet... read more

Retail expert advice on Diamond purchases

DIAMONDS Most of the world’s supply of diamonds primarily originate from Africa, Canada, India, Russia and Australia, with 95% of the Fancy Coloured Diamonds arising from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. The diamond industry is dominated by De Beers accounting... read more

Retail expert advice on Jewellery purchases

Expert Advice from Michel Germani There are important factors to look out for when purchasing any types of jewelleries. In an item of jewellery, the main value lies in the gemstones itself. The gold and the labour components and other smaller diamonds are less than... read more

Germani Jewellers Expands to Chatswood and The Hilton

Launched in 1985 in Australia, Germani Jewellery after being in Sydney CBD for more than thirty years, now decided to open its first branch in the suburbs. Starting its expansion with a store in Chatswood chase. Germani caters for all budgets, using different... read more