Our Story


1981-Saudi-Store (2)

The origin of Michel’s career commences with the introduction of five jewellery stores for Al-Rajhi, owner of the largest Bank in Saudi Arabia.


1982 Exclusive Emerald and Diamond Set for Saudi Royals - Germani Jewellery

Michel is appointed to create exquisite jewellery sets for members of the Saudi royal family.


1984 Diamond Necklace for Queen Noor of Jordan - Germani Jewellery

This elegant diamond necklace was commissioned for Queen Noor of Jordan


Michel Germani Fine Jewellers - Germani Jewellery

With an abundance of experience, Michel relocated to Australia and established his first shop at Centre point Sydney.


Michel Germani Royal Gems - Michel Germani

Michel was featured in ‘Royal Gems’ for Australia


1987 Brooch for Sky Garden - Michel Germani

The introduction of the Germani store in Skygarden. A broach is designed and crafted for the Duke and Duchess of Wellington for the grand opening of Skygarden in July 1987. This unique vestige is handcrafted in 18ct solid gold, embellished with 41 round cut brilliant diamonds and lined with six black opals from lightning ridge whilst drawing from the Castlereagh street façade for inspiration. The Duchess, needless to say, was delighted.


Wholesale Opals to Japan - Michel Germani

With the participation of multiple global trade fairs including, Vicenza, Basel and Tokyo Makuhari Messe; Michel was the foremost in his domain to enter the wholesale jewellery market in Italy and Europe.


Germani Jewellery - Michel Germani

Germani became synonymous with Fine jewellery due to the exclusive sponsorship of a national TV show ‘Sale of the century’ which broadcasted for thirteen years from 1988 to 2001 and thus was established as a household name.


Sale of the Century GERMANI has been established as an Italian Brand in Australia since 1985; GERMANI became a house hold name for Fine Jewellery since the exclusive sponsorship of a national TV show Sale of the Century for 13years from 1988 to 2001.


1989 De Beers Award - Michel Germani

Winner of the prestigious ‘De Beers Diamond Facets’ award


1991 Germani Watches - Germani Jewellery

The launch of Germani watches, the wisp collection. Manufactured in Switzerland with upmost care utilising the latest technology accompanied with three year movement guarantee and one year warrantee. Germani watches embody timeless excellence and innovation represented in Germani.


1992 Germani Timeless Watches - Germani Jewellery

Germani watch, a classic, iconic, hand crafted with meticulous detail with Micro-set diamonds, gemstones whilst utilising Swiss ETA Movement. A piece that stands the test of time.


1993 De Beers Diamonds of Distinction - Germani Jewellery

Featured in ‘De Beers Diamonds of Distinction’


1994 Elizabeth Taylor Collection - Michel Germani

Germani had the honour of designing a jewellery collection ‘Ruby, Sapphire, emerald’ for Elizabeth Taylor to be featured in the national TV show ‘Sale of the Century’ along with her newly debuted three sparkling fragrances in 1994.


1995 Germani focuses on the bridal market - Germani Jewellery

Germani specialises in the bridal market focusing on classic and timeless pieces.


1996 Princess Diana - Michel Germani

During the Victor Chang Cardiac Research institute dinner dance in Sydney, Michel was introduced to Princess Diana. Michel had to privilege to design a pair of exclusive sapphire and diamond earrings to match her ring. The earrings were delivered to her temporary residence, Ritz Carlton Hotel in Double Bay.


1997 Germani Perfume - Michel Germani

Germani’s own perfume, BIJOUX was launched.


2000 Circular Quay Store - Germani Jewellery

Circular Quay store established for the 2000 Olympics


2000 Michel Germani International - Michel Germani

Michel enters the international market, establishing MICHEL GERMANI INTERNATIONAL onto the global jewellery market facilitating opportunities for distributers, wholesalers and retailers to gain direct access to a dedicated design team skilled in the use of emerging and innovative technologies and proven creativity. Thewholesale offices operated predominantly in Sydney, Basel, Vicenza, New York, Hong Kong and London with retail stores expanding to Denver, Beirut and Doha.


2001 Germani Castlereagh Store - Michel Germani

The grand opening of Germani store located in Castlereagh Street.


2002 Double Bay Germani Jewellery Store - Germani Jewellery

Germani relocates to Double Bay


2003 Rendezvous le monde jewellery collection - Germani Jewellery

With Germani operating primarily in the global wholesale market, the collection ‘Rendez-Vous avec le monde’ was launched


2004 Timeless Germani Jewellery Collection - Germani Jewellery

In line with Germani’s core values of creating classic pieces that stand the test of time, the ‘timeless’ collection launched, further accentuating the concept in gold smithing, “traditional ways are usually the best”


2006 Piccadilly Jewellery Store - Germani Jewellery

Germani establishes a store in Piccadilly


Engagement Rings Jewellery - Germani Jewellery

Germani targets the engagement and wedding rings market segment.


Germani Diamond Rings with Yellow Gold - Germani Jewellery

Germani’s speciality is micro setting. A technique where small diamonds are arranged uniformly and tightly, giving the final product of what appears to be a honeycomb or layer of diamonds with each stone held in place with small grains of metal.


Germani Jewellery Sydney - Germani Jewellery

Strand arcade store established


2014 Germani Jewellery Sheraton Store - Germani Jewellery

Sheraton on the Park hotel store

June 2016

Germani Jewellery Boutique Chatswood - Germani Jewellery

After being in Sydney CBD for more than thirty years, now decided to open its first branch in the suburbs. Starting its expansion with a store in Chatswood chase.

August 2016


Germani is further expanding within the Sydney area with a new Flagship store opening in luxury five-star award-winning Hilton Hotel situated on George Street in Sydney’s new prime retail location, across from Queen Victoria Building.

August 2016

Germani Jewellery Chatswood Store Grand Opening - Germani Jewellery

11 August 2016 saw a spectacular night for Germani Jewellery as it held the Grand Opening of their new Jewellery Boutique in Chatswood Chase. The event was exactly as you would have expected from a quality jewellery boutique, with exquisite champagne flowing, gourmet food and networking.